Sam is a guy who will never give up on you, he will stick with you till the end. some say he has a super power, he can make anyone smile at the worst of times. he can turn any situation into a laugh. and best of all, he is a great kisser/hugger. he is an asshole in a cute and lovable way and won't ever let you down. he makes mistakes every now and then and it kills him. his weakest point is when he makes mistakes that he can't fix, he will start to push everyone away. don't let him push you away. because your life won't be the same without sam
oh man, i wish i had a sam in my life to make things better
by Xclanbtw February 11, 2019
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describes an incredible handsome sort of guy , who inhabitates the north of London

People say meeting a Sam is like meeting God.

You can also use that name as a synonym for satisfaction.

Some conspiracy theorist assume that sam is the origin word of asm which was later known as orgasm.
β€žOur Sam in heaven, hallowed be your name.β€œ
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by stuckonapuzzle99 May 06, 2019
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Sam is a very welcoming person. A person into a trilogy named bttf (back to the future) perhaps. She also loves Albert Einstein, and lots of more "smarty pants" in the world of Science. She would usually love to see her friend in video calls.
She loves Micheal J. Fox's series and movies!
Girl: It's Sam, the smarty pants!
Sam: Did you know that Mart-
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by Universality September 28, 2020
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if you dating a guy or know a guy named sam get out of there as quick as you can girl if is toxic in whatever relationship. they will stab you in the back, be disloyal, dishonest and most of all break your heart.
Girl 1: so who have you been talking to

Girl 2: oh umm his names sam

Girl 1: babe you gotta get outta that real quick

β€˜a month later’
Girl 2: He cheated on me πŸ’”πŸ˜©
by dodobird November 07, 2020
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