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Pouring caramel topping all over someone's penis and then performing oral sex on them. The taste in your mouth after they jizz? Salted caramel.
Would you like some salted caramel?
by Tiny Deer July 12, 2013
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The substance that forms when vanilla ice cream is put into someones butthole and subsequently churned by means of penis so that it mixes with the fecal matter. It is brown, sweet and sticky like actual salted caramel.
Jon: Hey I saw you go home with that girl last night, how was that?

Oscar: She was a freak, we made salted caramel and I fed it to her.

Jon: Ew.
by dollapingaz May 26, 2015
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When you have to balance your mood perfectly with a reply that doesn’t come off too salty or sweet because you are a little of both. You mean to convey a feeling of “I’m annoyed at you” but “I care about you” in one response.
Make sure your response is salted caramel.

Examples; “I’m sure you had a lot going on yesterday which is why you didn’t reply to my text”

“I saw you last night but you looked like you were having too good a time to notice me”
by Respondant February 12, 2018
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