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Dormitory town that hugs the Cornish bank of the River Tamar. Traditionally subject to cross-border incursions (ie burglaries, car crime and general wrecking sprees) from smack-addicted scroats that hail from across the water in Plymouth.
"I done a car in Saltash - CDs, speakers and bridge tickets."
by Nathaniel Slackpile October 03, 2003
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A verb that derives from the river front town in South East Cornwall. It originated in Liberal Democrat circles to refer to any crushing election defeat against the prevailing trend. After the LDs were driven from power in the town by a coalition of independents, in a now notorious local election, the phrase "to be Saltashed" quickly took root in LD circles around the UK.
"Good heavens Colin, your candidates were almost Salt-ashed out of existence. What went wrong old boy?"
by William Ewart Gladstone October 08, 2003
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