A general name that creators seem to love giivng to all of the stereotypically weak anime girl characters.
Sakura in Naruto
Sakura in Card Captors
by gnilevart February 24, 2005
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useless, annoying, pink-haired, whiny, hooker, that no one likes and is hated upon here. No one likes sakura and those who do need to get their eyes and their brains checked...ya'll should be some kakashists and worship the very ground he walks on...Shes a total douchebag.
Everyone hates Sakura, she's a total douchebag...go worship Kakashi instead...or sasuke...thats cool too. =D
by my_pants_smell_good March 26, 2010
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What every overweight anime fangirl uses as an online alias or much worse, considers it their real name.
Average Joe: Hey Amber!
Amber: My name is Sakura.
Average Joe: Uhh.. no it's not?
Amber(Sakura?): Yes it is! I want to marry all teh hot anime dewdz.
Average Joe: Go masturbate with a twinky you yaoi-loving retard.
by Zombie Gustov September 22, 2007
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Sakura is japanese for cherry blossom. Until used by Kishimoto for his character Haruno Sakura in his anime / manga Naruto it was a pretty decent/pretty name.
Man, the sakura are very pretty in Japan.
Sakura is a whining, useless ho
by DaRandomBoy October 15, 2007
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The heroine of the manga "Naruto" created by Masashi Kishimoto. She was a victim of Kishimoto's horrible writing of female characters in the beginning of the series. She is mostly hated by prevented fans who only looks at female character's bodies rather than their developments. Sakura was an annoying little kid who had a crush on her teammate Sasuke Uchiha. As the story processed she developed more and became stronger and her crush that she had on her teammate developed into true love. Also her relationship with Naruto (the main character of the series) has developed from her punching him and treating him badly to them both being very close friends. Sakura is a character who portrays a message about true love and loyalty, something that many people lack now a days. She might of been very annoying as a kid but if you think of it we all were once kids and we all were once annoying . Sakura also is a very realistic and more relatable character, She isn't born with any special powers, She doesn't have any tragic back stories. She is simply normal just like any other real person, unlike any other heroines in other shows. That simply makes Sakura a unique heroine.
"Your so damn annoying"
"Thank you Sakura"
by wowww123analyze March 15, 2016
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Chooses different best friends every year.
Fat, not the prettiest girl.
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A beautiful, classy, kind, humble, smart, optimistic, and stunning individual who excells in everyday life... also a name that is overly used in Japanese animes because of its ellagance.
Wow Sakura is gorgeous.
by Kura.mae January 10, 2017
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