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a girl who is watches anime and possibly reads manga. not necessarily obsessed with it, though.
sarah- omg, that girl is SUCH an anime fangirl. she's OBSESSED with watching it!!

mathew- sarah, don't be such an idiot. being an anime fangirl doesn't mean your obsessed, an anime otaku does.
by toastedgoldfish June 30, 2014
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The most unappealing girl you could ever think of, usually following these characteristics
12-16 years old
Dirty blond hair
Anime teeshirts every day
Naruto headbands
Person 1: Hey dude *giggles* wana see a hot girl?

Person 2: Um.. sure, why not?

Person 1: Shows pic

Person 2: Great i now know that there is no god, thanks for the confirmation

Person 1: Yeah dude, anytime

Anime fan girl
by Ü¢LΓ–Γ…DΓ©R January 17, 2009
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