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It basically means sex, or, in most of the cases, it means "as good as sex" (i.e. the highest point of pleasure .. or .. the best of the best). It's a one word answer.

Synonym for : sex, fuckawesome, orgasmic, mindblowing

Pronunciation - emphasis on the "kh" ( "from the epiglottis" ; :phlegm: ). This word is strictly used by engineering students, or basically 20-year-old-Indian-bachelors-who-are-desperate-to-get-laid.

Some people also have the tendency to shorten the word to just "Sakkhh".
A: "How are you today ?" / "How was your exam ?" / "How am I looking ?"

B: Sakhs !!
by Mr. Dang Bang January 23, 2012
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