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A combination of the words "fuck" and "awesome." This is a shorter but just as effective way of saying "fucking awesome." This word can be used to express an extreme love or joy of something. It's shorter to type, allowing speedier passage of communication online.

Of course when it is used in a sarcastic way, it can express a negative effect.
"Wow that movie was fuckawesome!"
"This is some fuckawesome coffee."

Human 1: "We're going to go see Harry Potter!!"
Human 2: "Fuckawesome.."
by no_man August 19, 2007
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An expression used when you are too impressed to say more than three syllables.
"FUCK AWESOME" - Someone who have just saw some new film trailer with lots of special effects and can't stop staring at the screen even though there's nothing there anymore.
by Netsu May 12, 2007
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