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A river from Spain, but also a common Mexican name. It originated from a long time ago and means beautiful
Look at Saja. That girl is saja. As in look at the river and look at that beautiful girl
by Tombatista August 14, 2015
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an arabic word that defines a time in the night, before dawn when everything is calm and still.
and the night is saja.
by Ms Q February 27, 2009
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saja is an arabic name and is usually a light brunette. they are very gorgeous,hot. and very flirtatious and are always there when you need her. all the guys want her. usually a girl and has a great personality. beautiful.
friend: please don't fell anyone but see that guy there i like him

saja : dont worry you know your secret is safe with me
by dontworrybezappy January 20, 2013
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Saja is a gorgeous girl, usually of Arab origin. She has stunning eyes and soft curly hair. Saja's are usually curvy and hot, the type of body that makes men lose their mind (big booty anyone?) Saja is an intelligent and talented woman who might seem shy at first, but deep down she's fun-loving and hilarious. Stunning and irreplaceable, inside and out.
"Dude, you got yourself a Saja? Hold onto that dime and never let her go!"
by young_hope November 23, 2016
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a gorgeous dirty blonde (and sexually dirty) with a great personality. she has an amazing voice and is about 6 times better than the average ebba.
The wild saja (Sarah Jamieson) is looking fine today.
by Millard22 November 08, 2010
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