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The second largest city in Russia. The most populated city in the world situated so far north. Also the one with the world's deepest underground. Founded 1703, became a capital 1712. Located on the shores of Baltiysky's Bay.
Has some beautiful architecture in the old city center. People there considered to be rather cultured in part due to the fact that there are many museums, theaters, opera houses, libraries, universities located in the city. But also known for its street culture. (check out the band Leningrad, which got its name from the city - during the Soviet times it carried the name of Lenin - was called Leningrad ('the city of Lenin').
Let's visit Saint-Petersburg in the summer so we can walk at night and not get mugged as it's light!
by azul00 July 24, 2011
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As well as the city in Florida, USA, it is also a big city in Russia (the second after Moscow according to the population). Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great (czar and the first EMPEROR of Russia). Sometimes called the Venice of the North or the Northern Venice. It was the capital of the country from 1703 and up to the October Revolution (if not mistaken :)). Often colled the Northern capital (of Rusia). White night and the Hermitage museum, St. Isaac Cathedral, the Russian Museum, and so on
The white nights in Saint-Petersburg are unforgettable!
by Mikhail V. January 19, 2007
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City on the west coast of Florida. Founded in 1876.
Current Population: 248,232, mostly old people.
Across from Tampa. Usually shortened to St. Pete or Da Burg. Gets really hot during the summer and can get down to 37 degrees in the winter, which is deadly cold to its residents.

also, has all the hot babes.
A conversation that happens in Saint Petersburg often:

Jim: Dude, lets go to the beach.
Dave: Which one?
Jim: Well, we could go to Reddington, Clearwater, or Indian Rocks...
Dave: No, man, let's go to saint pete beach.
Jim: you're right, saint pete does have all the hot babes.
Dave: and old people...
by epausti June 26, 2007
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A city in florida that is filled with fake ass jits . There are 14 year old wanna be gangsters in this city who will rob you over 20 dollars. Half the wanna be gangsters are sherms and the people who you call “friends” here are fake as fuck. The weed here is shit and if you ever want to hang out with someone they finna flag on your ass. Don’t get me started on the police here. We call it “troll” in saint pete and they are corrupt as shit. I don’t suggest going to Fossil park or child’s park fossil park is filled with 13,14, and 15 year olds who have 50 felonies and they some punk ass bitches. Child’s park they bout that life and they don’t play around
You heard about Saint Petersburg? Yeah the city in florida with the fake ass jits?
by DaBurg January 23, 2020
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