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He is very much known as a heavy mood swinger, becuase he adds to much strees to be good and happy, but becuase of his nice consideration of caring for a person he is very nice. And he is also known to be a religious person, he can be smart especially with people and phisicall movements with his muscles, but he is not known to be a lover. He is very much a loyal person who is overly calm person, but if you annoy him when he is calm he will first stare at you then will attack you after you annoy him to much, but be careful a saimon is known to be strong, the reason is, becuase he is he dose sports to release it, that is why he is strong. So do not annoy him to much. He is known to be talkitive when he is full of energy and happy, but if talk to him when he is calm and tired he will kick your ass, but remember it is not good to make a saimon to calm or esle he will absorb to much stress and turn it voilent.
A saimon are only loyal when it comes to times when they are treated like a brother. This person will do anything for a person, if they know that he is treated good and well, he will treat you just the same, execept he will even be a step more offering then you are offering to him, so if you treat him nice he will treat you as a master and he will consider you as a God father. So if you ask him to commit sepuku he will do it, for loyalty.
by Nas Mace March 15, 2013
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by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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If your name is Saimon your gay. His brother is handsome named Sebastian. Saimon mostly cries if he loses on any game or other arguments .
Sebastian: I bet I can beat you in Fortnite!

Saimon: Bet:
*Sebastian claps Saimon*
Saimon: *Crying and Raging*
by Sebastian Haley December 11, 2019
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