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Sahir is one of the nicest guy you'll ever know. He is really cute and kind! He is a person that likes helping one and others. He is a hardworking persone but something lazy. People happiness for him means everything. he looks more often to his close ones than more then him. He can be really nice but if you fool around to much he can me a mean person and nobody wants that because he can't control him. He doesn't have style but he hardly cares about it. People mostly find him as a funny and crazy friend. And he is a true lover and onces he falls in love he's grows stronger eachday for that one persone
Oh damnn looks who's there... it's Sahir the funny guy
by -nobody knows November 21, 2016
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Sahir means is an Muslim Arabic Sahir means charming,enchanting,attractive and wakeful
I love Sahir
by July 19, 2016
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The Magician of God. He can cast a spell on anyone. He commands respect. He was sent by God to assist Ruzan in his noble mission.
tom : we need more sahirs' in this world
bob : there can be only one
by Aneesh Motvani June 28, 2008
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