When your depressed but you don't want people to know.
Person1 *Listens to sad music at night when no one is there*
Person1 *is a social butterfly when with people*
Person1 I'm sad but not sad
by SlayQueenie August 6, 2017
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When something is just extra sad
Man Gary’s going extinct that’s sad sad
by Sadtimes☹️ January 3, 2020
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someone who is a loser. repeated three times to make it more effective
mrs bayram : *l sign* "sad, sad, sad"
by susanboyle69 October 28, 2019
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Generally a person in ages 12-30.

Uses phrases like

"You don't know how I feel"
"I'm depressed(self-diagnosed) "
"DePreSsion iS n0T a JoK3"

*on social media*
(shares Bart Simpson shit)
(purposely adds a caption to get noticed)
(Anime/Bart Simpson pfp)

*just a joke don't take this shit seriously especially on tiktok*
Guy 1:*shares something with a sad caption*
Guy 2:"Why is Guy 1 always sad on socmed?"
Guy 3:"Don't worry about him he's just a sad boy/sad girl".
by daddy_sugar February 4, 2021
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when youre a little sad but you dont know why or what to do
person1: im like sad but not sad
person2 : same.
by jupxtrr January 2, 2017
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