someone who writes a full essay on urban dictionary about their own name saying how beautiful and blessed and caring they are.

(they are NOT)
a sad person's text:
"Laurel is a beautiful person who may seem a little crazy but she actually cares for you bla bla bla all that crap"
by daaaamnthatshot December 4, 2020
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A sad person is someone who feels unmotivated or simply sad about what goes on in one's life. Usually due to lack of self-esteem and failure to achieve their goals. In puberty this is very common, as well as in adolescence.
He was acting like a sad person lately. I wonder what is going on with him.
by Justanotherloner April 29, 2018
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Person whose parents are too poor to afford their abortions.

Also, check Poor People
Hey, that's one sad person. If his parents just had more money, they could have afforded the fucking abortion.
by Get outta my face December 26, 2005
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1. someone who believes they are of little value or importance, though are not
2. someone who thinks they're slow, boring, or oblivious, though are not
"I'm a sad little person remember?" "Ohh, no you're not Cristhian, shut up."
by mr.roshi August 3, 2015
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Your average destiny 2 player. They'll have spend over 500 hours in game and will call the game perfect no matter how much the devs mess up.
Friend: "He plays destiny 2 all day every day."
You: "Ah he's a sad person then."
by SamFurry November 27, 2021
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