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a private, catholic, college-preparatory school located in Kingston, MA. The students here can be divided into two sub-sections, the upper middle class ivy league wannabes and the less-dedicated stoners. The uniform consists of classy inch long khaki or navy skirts and a variety of colored land's end polos for the girls and boxer-revealing khaki pants and xxl polos for the young men. Boat shoes are a must for all and north face jackets are a requirement. L.L. Bean backpacks are a common accessory. In past years, the "Lax Bro" culture has infiltrated the SH community. However, outsiders should not be fooled by this facade, as the athletic department is severely lacking in talent. (The cheerleaders and cross-country runners will try to prove otherwise because of their recent division IV league wins, but please, do not be fooled.) The administration's favorite activity is facebook stalking, so be wary to post anti-sacred heart information on there. The school is nearly microscopic, and everyone knows everything about everyone else. Sacred Heart students enjoy partying in their respective hometowns, but rarely party together. Scandal is RARE.
Sacred Heart High School student 1: hey, are you going to that party tonight?
Sacred Heart High School student 2: nah man, I have an XC meet in the morning.
Sacred Heart High School student 1: dude, come anyways. You guys suck.

Sacred Heart High School student 2: .
by thestituation July 30, 2010
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Hamden Ct
Slutty Bitch Skanks who think they are the shit...when they are most definately not!!! Mean bitchy girls who whine and are so rich and snoby its pathetic
Prep Guy1: Did you see that girl from Sacred Heart High school?
Notre Dame Guy1: Yea what a bitch
Prep Guy: I know id never date one
Notre Dame Guy: Yea they are such sluts and pot heads too
by sacred heart highschool sucks October 20, 2009
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