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A total and complete dick. Such a dick that one does them no justice. Therefore, the mega dickhead is now a "Sack of Dicks"
Mike is a total Sack of Dicks
by Mikeslover January 27, 2009
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A sack, usually burlap or otherwise, full of dicks.

Also a common insult.
"Hey can you pass me that sack of dicks?"
"You are a sack of dicks."
by 89yr89e7yr79q324yreg May 06, 2013
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One whom is the Richard of the Dicks, the dick alpha and omega, the almighty pisser-offer who lives to make lives like yours and mine alike filled with frustration. This man's douchery cannot be contained within just an entity; alas, he is a multitude of dicks in a sack - preferably made of burlap, just to make things worse.

This man won't stop at one dick; oh no, he's going for the gold. Others have made their way to a few dicks, a small pouch, or even a satchel full. But this guy will go the extra mile and a half just to make sure that your good day stops where his begins.
Dude 1: Hey brah, this guy was being a bag of dicks yesterday; stole my sweet roll and fucked my wife, all at the same time.

Dude 2: What a cool story. This morning this guy got the promotion of CEO by blowing the boss, and doesn't even work there. After that, he came to my house and pissed on me while I was asleep, fucked my dog, and ate my food - all at the same time. Not a crumb left in the cupboard.

Dude 1: That's no mere dick, this man is a legend! A true sack of dicks!

Dude 2: Thanks for that.
by zakdwyer March 06, 2012
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