Sach is an adaptation of the word sesh. It is a session in which a group of friends will smoke marijuana together and hangout.
Friend 1: Yooooo, I'm so hyped to sach this weekend
Friend 2: I know me too bro, we're gonna get dummy fried
by poppersmcgee January 21, 2019
A sweet boy with a lot of ego. He’s sporty and puts sports before anything expect his loved ones. He is extremely good looking with nice hair and a smile to kill for. He can be goofy sometimes and always will try to make you laugh. He is the most loving and caring person in a relationship and loves with a passion and all his heart, and is very protective and possessive. He redefines the meaning of friendship and a true relationship. Usually very loyal and supportive. At times he is misjudge because of his anger. His anger can turn the whole world upside down, may even hurt his loved ones. He makes bad decisions in the heat of the moment but in the end he fixes his problems and realizes his mistakes and does not mean any harm and just wants love and wants to give love. For many people he is not your ideal boyfriend or friend and you need a lot of patience to be with him. Very rare for people to cope with his behaviour but only shows that side of him if he truely loves you and trusts you. Once you get past that you, he’s just a cute and dorky guy.
We just had a fight he’s being such a Sach right now.
by Keephim June 14, 2018
The skin on the back side of the Ball Sack(where the testicles are)
Guy 1: "The back part of my testicles Itches."

Guy 2: Dude, don' you mean your "Sach"
by P.C.T the reals December 7, 2009
Means some thing is stupid or dumb.
No reason for it.
Sachey can also be used as an emphasis or another way of saying it.
ayymd fan #1: Intel cpu's are so trash dude!
ayymd fan #2: I know their tdp's are Sach.
by Mr.adaow January 29, 2019
A state of being where the individual is in a sense robotic yet still a beast.
“Que tremendo sach
“He just pulled a sach”
Jefferson saches it up”
by Sco98 October 24, 2019
A contradictory nerd type: smarty pants electrical engineer with a calendar obsession that when not 3D printing and being with friends, wrangles venomous snakes and does deadlifts. Prone to a fruity cocktail and relishes in a fancy meal.
Mrs Sachs is in the jumping castle being beaten up by the kids
by Sachsfan January 9, 2019