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Its the nicer cousin of stfu (shut the fuck up), means Shut Your Face.
Dave- Hi Jack, hows it going, did you see that girls ass?
Jack's girlfriend: No, he didnt!
Jack: Dave, SYF.
by Supercrazymc August 29, 2008
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An abbreviation of the ever-popular, ever-working So's Your Face.

{Notes on usage} So's your face always works. no matter what. period.
also, be careful, world wide internets, not to turn this term into the next "That's what she said" or the even more retro-noying "Your mom"
1: that shirt is really ugly
2: syf

1: I bombed the exam cuz i forgot to put my name on it. freakin annoying.
2: syf

1: J.D., that's not even a real comeback.
2: Elliot, please. so's your face ALWAYS works.
1: that's stupid
2: syf, ooh i'm on fire.
by Jordan Dylan Merkin March 19, 2008
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stands for; shut your face.

used to tell someone to shut up; be quiet

generally used while texting.

shut up quiet syf SYF shut your mouth too loud
loud mouth stfu
SYF! you're too damn loud!
by eelyak May 24, 2009
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The abreviation for "steal your face", the logo for the '60's rock band The Grateful Dead. Characterized by a downfacing skull with a red and blue head with a lightning bold running down the middle.
syf logos can generally be found on the back of vw buses and on the t-shirts of old hippys.
by mamacita September 24, 2005
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