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Stands for Severe Weather & EAS Enthusiasts, is a Facebook group run by a Jersey boy and his seven jewish minions, where people trash post because they're depressed and have no life. They also worship the group's "founder/administrative supervisor" like he's some sort of fucking god.
Person: Would you like to join SWEASE?
Person 2: That jewish group? Fuck no.
Person 3: Wait, isn't that the group where everyone sucks their own dicks because the admins said so?
Person 2: From what I've heard, they also perform bukakke with the group's admins.
Person 4: Fuck man, I would rather get STDs from a pig then join that shithole.
Person: Yup. We also suck our own dicks because the admins told us to because we're sheep.
by HumptyDumptySatOnMyFace June 21, 2018
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