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Super Stinky Vagina. Do we really need further description.
After the obligatory upper torso exploration, Eric was headed south for a taste. However, just above the hairline, the pungent aroma of the SSV caused to throw up a little in his mouth, therefore he could not continue.
by SSV Breakfast Dude October 21, 2011
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Short for Saf Syndrome Vulgaris. A person who who's waist up body is longer than waist down. A person who has very short legs or just ankles and no legs but normal upper body. A close resemblence will is penguine. Their are alot of SSV's in China. The origin of the term SSV is based on our freind who is called SAF. He has just ankles but no legs and a normal upper body. he has got the severe form of SS hence the Vulgaris is appended at the end.
I feel sorry for Dave, no pants fit him, he has got a severe form of SSV. Or I feel sorry for Dave, he suffers from SSV, he goes to Mother Care to buy his pants and Topman to buy his tops.
by lynxman June 21, 2008
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Also known more commonly as Saf syndrome vulgaris a severe form of being top heavy ie: not being equally proportioned by having very short legs!
will update this with an example of a SSV...
by SSV lover June 20, 2008
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