anything scarier than spooky. or used when just trying to be cute.

also used to piss off the spelling nazi's who don't know a damn thing but think they know everything.
It's Spookie to think that this little shit will someday have a vote in this country.
by Bunny September 21, 2004
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There is a big difference between the words "spooky" and "creepy." Spooky can't hurt you. Creepy can and probably will. Goth is not "Creepy." It's "Spooky." rubber bats are not "creepy." They're "spooky."
skull jewelry=spooky
coming across a human skull in your backyard=creepy. (well, maybe not, depending on who put it there/your tastes)
by raven of roses December 12, 2005
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spooki is hot
by ptooki December 1, 2018
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An amazing, sexy female that you instantly fall for.
She was a spookie girl and I will never forget her.
by Nicca July 7, 2003
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Nickname assigned to Ppecial Agent Fox Mulder.
Scully: "Thats spooky."
Mulder: "Thats my name isn't it?"
by BooJ July 21, 2003
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To a great extent or degree, very, extremely to the point of being scary.

Replaces the exaggerated soooo
I'm soooo drunk it's scary! = I'm SPOOKY drunk!
I'm soooo horny it's scary! = I'm SPOOKY horny!
I'm soooo stoned it's scary. = I'm SPOOKY stoned!
by Grun-D October 4, 2011
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