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anything scarier than spooky. or used when just trying to be cute.

also used to piss off the spelling nazi's who don't know a damn thing but think they know everything.
It's Spookie to think that this little shit will someday have a vote in this country.
by Bunny September 20, 2004
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An amazing, sexy female that you instantly fall for.
She was a spookie girl and I will never forget her.
by Nicca July 07, 2003
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General term for any Military gunship Aircraft such as the AC-130U.
The spookie opened up its arsenal on the enemy postions.
by JonathanChance October 01, 2003
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When you apologize to your partner by buying her/him cookies and spoon them while they eat the cookies.
I fogot our anniversary but luckily I spooked her the next day. Saved my marriage.

Spookie pookie poo.
by cauldron81 September 15, 2016
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