Sparta is a town in North Jersey where kids go to town and pretend to skate but they really suck. I know cuz i live there. We go hang out at Frank's pizza and the newly built Panera Bread. All the emos hang out at Dunkin Donuts, and they go in the bathroom to do drugs. They think they are cool but, they are gay. Our 7th graders are digraces, doing every drug immaginable. We have a lot of snowboarders who go to Mountain Creek, the worst mountain immaginable. Also there are kids who think they are cool in marching band who do drugs before every practice, they are all fags. But Sparta is pretty cool if you come here you may like it, but if not dont make a deffinition unless you really know what it is like.
Yo where you from?
Wow you're a fag!
by PEYAH! April 27, 2007
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Sparta, NJ. A whore filled, druggie infested town in northern new jersey. Like seriously all you have to do to beat a sports team here is throw a bag a weed on the ground and theyll all go running towards it. and here in sparta the girls dont wear short-shorts...they wear whore-shorts. the white kids for some reason think theyre black...makes no sense. Every kid thinks they can do what they want because theyre mommies and daddies are rich and give them whatever they want. There are some normal families in Sparta...but not many...like 10..at the most. And for some reason kids in Sparta also think they're cool if they hang out in front of CVS, Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts or go swimming in a sewage pit called Lake Mohawk.
Spartan 1- Ohhh letss hang outt tonight!
Spartan 2- Omggg we can hang out in front of Panera Bread then go get high At Lake Mohawkk!
Spartan 3-dudeee soundss amazinng.

Normal Kid- what. the. fuck. get me out of this town. now.
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1. to kick some one annoying straight in the chest whilst shouting

2. to ejaculate in a woman/girls vagina then stand up, shout "THIS IS SPARTAAAAA" and boot them out of bed.
just before you ejaculate, kick the woman/girl out of bed and shout "THIS IS SPARTAAAAA"
and ejaculate on them
1. sparta!!!
(jane) *stop poking me*
(carl) *or what?*
*kicks in the chest*

(carl) oh yeah im fucking you good
(carl) Im gna come
*carl comes*
(jane) is that it?
*kicks out of bed* (preferably through a window)
by Marcus Colley March 25, 2008
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it's what this is

I will now write random words because the definition, in order to be added to the Urban Dictionary, must have 20 letters / words

bat, penis, cow, faggot, zim, television, hotdogs, hippies, fat people, lard, spam, lol, wtf.
*kicks messenger into conveniently placed hole*
by AJ da []D [] []\/[] []D January 07, 2008
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This town is a place where parents are blind and kids are fake. This town is more fictional than Hollywood. Hell, our town motto should be "Even our lake is fake."-cuz it was built and paid for with money-just like all the "friendships" here. Rich kids cant get in trouble here-Cuz the rich parents will have the ass of anyone who yells at their baby. The town votes to get rid of the basketball coarts so the jocks can have ANOTHER football field. And the town cant even vote to build a new school that has working heat and A.C. And it doesnt matter if u live in a shack on .4 acres of land-ur gonna pay as much taxes as a millionare on Lake Mohawk would. If ur not rich-u get used-if u havent been used yet-they havent noticed u yet
-Hey mommy-can i go over to tom's?
-Sure baby.
TWO HOURS LATER...and two fights and two packs of bud and two grams later
-Dude-i dont look too wasted do i?
-Wuh...whats ur name dude???
by uwouldntevenknowmyname April 01, 2006
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a town in jersey where all of the inhabitors think they are the sh**s and all thetowns around it think of them as spoiled rich people the minority percentile is like a mere .0003%
spartan- Yo homie wats popping yo lets get high this weekend because that the only thing we can do!
by kljh April 01, 2006
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Sparta is a rich white bred town full of kids with their heads up their own asses. I just moved here from Bergen County and all I hear is these faggots whine about their stupid problems. Like how "daddy didn't buy me that BMW" or "my life is so hard because i don't have a credit card at the age of 16." These kids are such pussies and are in need of a serious dose of reality and serious ass kickings. I can also count every minority in this town on my one hand. These kids also don't realize that everyone thinks that they're such faggots. Whenever I tell people in Sussex County that I live here they say things like "ouch" or "get away from me" or "i'm so sorry." I can't wait until i'm 18 so i can get the fuck away from these losers and their fucking ugly girls.
Next time your in Sparta beat up the first kid you see chances are they deserve it.
by Fresh Y May 03, 2006
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