A large piece of shit. Generally a human who portrays multitudes of characteristics that are in line with a pile of fecal matter.
Wow, look at that Spaget. He is as useful as a pile of human excrement.
by ZZoo April 03, 2016
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verb: To pregame by eating a large meal consisting of spaghetti and meatballs before a night of drinking resulting in a viscous vomit attack wherein the victim ends up laying in the pile of thrown-up spaghetti.
Past tense: Spagetted
My buddy spagetted last night. While he was laying in a pile of spaghetti, the rest of my friends and I passed around a four loko in the living room.
by BoofClub October 08, 2019
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Used when in need of a word that describes ones possessions or situation. Typically a shouted word (preferably with a horrible Italian accent).
"He had better slow down before he wrecks his Spaget!"
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by PipinHotCoffee November 23, 2018
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