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SNR, is commonly used in the snap chat community it means Streaks and Recents.
Mike: SNR
Doug: yah lets keep our streak
by Mikedidixks June 04, 2016
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"Streaks and recents" when a person on snapchat sends a picture to all of their streaks and recent snapchat friends (possibly trying to start new streaks)
Girl: *sends picture of random lamp* "goodnight / snr"
by ClaireShelly March 15, 2017
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Skinny Niggas Runnin Shit

Song by Soulja Boy in which skinny niggas happen to run shit
Man 1- Ay man yu heard that new Rick Ross bruh??
Man 2- Nah nigga i dont listen ta that bs. SNRS, its all about that Soulja Boy
by DrewzyFF_FireFlameSpitta April 02, 2011
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commonly used in snapchat, it is referring to your 'Streaks n' Recents'.
*sends a snap to someone they have a 47 day streak with* SNR
by Abigail S December 25, 2016
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Stoke to Nut Ratio. How many strokes it takes one to ejaculate.
Don Juan: Hey I just beat my SNR record; I just hit 36! (Dirty Six)

Nigga: Cool Story Bro, don't tell it again!
by Lebron James 36 December 02, 2011
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