southern methodist university... a place where the women are perfect, the cars are gleamingly new, the boys are frat and the money flows like the david yurman during rush week.
SMU- beautiful campus. beautiful girls. beautiful bank accounts.
by texas April 22, 2005
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Where going to class is a formal affair and you can never reware an outfit. Guys sport Lacoste polo's with their Sevens jeans and girls pop their collars underneath their sorority t-shirts. Where rainbows, northface jackets and uggs are a staple for summer and winter weather. Where getting in the right Frat or Sorority house defines who you are for the next 3 years. Nobody cares what you drive, so long as it's a BMW or a Range Rover. Tailgating is a sport and watching football is a break between the pre-partying and the after party. No worries, we aren't sore losers we'll drink our weight in Alcohol whether we win or lose.
by KLCE August 8, 2006
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A picturesque, sprawling campus located in the heart of beautiful Dallas, Texas. While some novices to grammar and/or correct punctuation may sling in comments from the sidelines - i.e. the people who've never been to or live near SMU - in regards to SMU stereotypes, such as everyone is rich, drives a BMW, and comes from Highland Park, the reality of the school is far from this fabricated fiction. SMU offers over 70 majors to students, and its student-body consists of students from all 50 states and over 200 countries. As a full-scholarship student, I'll refer you to SMU's top ten business school in the world; its #2 dance department in the country; its CCPA department, which has won three consecutive national championships for debate and research, as well as the 2005 award-winning legal debate team; its advertising institute, which has won two consecutive national advertising campaigns, including one for the State of Florida; its journalism department, which consists of numerous former Pulitzer-prize winning journalists, such as Craig Flournoy, who also is a contributing writer for the Columbia School of Journalism Review; its top-notch English department, which consists of widely published authors, such as Dr. Willard Spiegelman, a staff writer for the Wall Street Journal; and its graduate schools - a top tier law school, a top-five MBA program, housed by a new $18.3 million, state-of-the-art building, and many other graduate programs.
Please disregard the stereotypes - which almost always come from individuals who have been rejected by SMU.
To Note - SMU will most likely be the location of the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Do you think that the president would choose SMU if it were substandard? Think about it.
by Thomas Jefferson May 3, 2005
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Short for suck me up. ;)
* Sexual.
1: Babe, I want you to smu.
2: No, not til you do it for me first. :D
by IZK February 1, 2009
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A college only considered a religious school by Methodists.
SMU, we want your rich kids
by fatelvis04 June 17, 2004
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A great private school located in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Though it has a reputation of being for rich snobs (what private school doesn't?), the student body is actually extremely bright and down to earth. Many of the students are on generous scholarships and really love contributing to the university. I am one of those student and I DO NOT own one designer purse and DO NOT drive a BMW....and no one cares. SMU is ranked in the top 50 schools in the nation and has a top 10 business school. As students, we benefit from generous alumni who both give back to the school and are always looking to hire another alum. Take a look at the families some kids come from...success is demanded and these kids' parents would never send them to a crappy school plus they are always willing to be great connections in the workforce. The classes are small and everyone is afforded individual attention. One can major in just about anything and double (even triple) majors are very encouraged. Want to study abroad? go greek? enjoy boulevarding (our form of tailgating)? build a sustainable living community? meet driven, amazing people? come out with great teacher relationships? live in the heart of one of the most rapidly growing cities in the US? have it all? Then give SMU a chance and know that the negative stereotypes you've heard are stupid and could not be more incorrect. SMU is a fantastic place to spend 4 years and opens a world of opportunities to both its undergrad and grad students
hey that kid goes to smu. I heard he's already got a job on wall street next year
by TIH June 23, 2011
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