Torana with a 5 Litre engine. As only rancid wine come in 5 litres, you can imagine the potential onf these machines. They have poor weight distribution and were overpowered out of the factory in an attempt to create a vehicle to compete with the Chrysler Centura, though the Centura, only a 6 cyl, still had superiour power to weight characteristics. The earlier versions, the SLR were a much classier car, but lack any braking and handling power.

Require add on parts to perform well see list below:

Chrysler engine
Handling kit,comprimising of complete removal of stock equipment, and insertion of full koni adjustable suspension with anit lift/roll kit to alloy it to have a real stance.

The SLR5000 was an over-rated car with much potential wasted on the General Motors usual failing price, they skimped on components and as such they all rusted and the low carbon content steel used caused issues for owners until rectiied.. See Real Car, SLR500 will not appear.

In saying this, a number of poor souls have spent mega dollars on these cars to procuce real performance, but at what cost?? I say its their dignity..

I owned one once.. I am sad!
Check out my SLR500 moite, its foooll sick eyyy!!!

My SLR5000 is heaps fater than your Monaro Con...
by Anonymous April 24, 2003
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