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Slightly Less Attractive Friend... The less attractive friend of an attractive girl/woman, that makes her look better.
Person 1: Man Sandra is fine but who is that other chick she hangs out with?

Person 2: Oh that just her SLAF.. slightly less attractive friend
by BoogyMan024 February 03, 2010
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SLAFS is a swedish word used for describing a mixed substance or thing which is often considered as repugnant.

SLAFS - Substance Located At Familiar Spaces
Swedish teacher(In swedish with broadscanian accent): "Jaa.. Man undrar ju hur musen klarade övergången från mus till fladdermus. Det måste måste ju ha varit rätt SLAFSIGT här vid vingarna."

Swedish teacher: "Well.. One can think about how the mouse suceeded in the transition from mouse to bat. It must have been quite SLAFSY here by the wings
by PerO May 19, 2007
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If you can't cause at home, school, or the job, you can just use this acronym.... Slaf!
"Jim is a f****** slaf"
by Dudershz July 24, 2018
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