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Should Have Used Monero.

What do the creators of WannaCry, Alexander Casez, Alexander Vinnik, Gal Vallerius, Bradley Anthony Stetkiw, Jian Zhang, Xiaobing Yan, and that group of Bitcoin hodlers who got kidnapped by thugs in Turkey have in common? They all SHUM.

Monero is a trustless cryptocurrency that is similar to bitcoin. Unlike bitcoin, it hides these aspects of every transaction from the public:

- who sent it
- who received it
- how much it was

This makes it ideal for anyone who wishes to transact privately.
Person one:

"did you hear about Joey? Apparently his doors kicked in and his face got slammed into the sidewalk because a bunch of nocoiner LEA found out he was using bitcoin to buy dried flowers on the darknet. The blockchain totally narc'd on him"

Person two:

by ishumushum January 17, 2018
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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To simultaneously defecate (shit) and ejaculate (cum) out of either pleasure or sheer anger, and in extreme cases, fear.

Can also be used as a verb; ā€œshummingā€
Oh fuck. My mom found the shum bucket.

Oh fuck. Iā€™m shumming.
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by LilPeePeeAssociates January 03, 2021
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To shit and cum at the same time. This usually occurs when the victim is listening to beautiful music or is overcome by intense feelings of pleasure and emotion. Another occurrence is when you're jerking off and taking a shit on the toilet at the same time.
I shummed myself at the pink floyd concert when the comfortably numb guitar solo started

I just took a nice shum in your toilet
by dillskin April 07, 2011
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the shit and cum mix and run out of the girls asshole, thus the name shum
i sure love the smile on my gurls face when she feels the shum come flowing from her asshole!!
by coolrelax69 March 17, 2005
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Often occurs after unprotected anal. A mixture of shit and cum will seep from the back passgae, or, shum.
Last night I took her up the ass and when I pulled out she shummed all over the sheets.
by Lassie. March 05, 2010
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