A nigga that is fine ass hell and
you will love to jump on his dick.
gurl 1:Damn Tanisha look at dat sexy nigga standin over there.
gurl 2:Hell yea gurl I would love to
ride that dick.
by DA PIMPETTE November 27, 2004
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Sam is a sexy ahh nigga is what you call a person named Sam that is really fuckin hot
Wow.I have been completely flabbergasted,combusmatiilcated,wally bagyy scally wagged because of Sam.Have u seen him?Sam is a sexy ahh nigga!
by Niggatron18298 April 26, 2022
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Tevita Moala Kamitoni
When Tevita wears black shorts for lifting, he looks like a Sexy Beast Ass Nigga
by Lady Farquhar the 69th March 24, 2022
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