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An abbreviation for Secret Crush. That one person who you don't know at all, but have a huge crush on. You have one, don't lie.
Nic: Do you know Aaron?

Haley: No! I don't know him at all, but I stare at him all the time. He's my SEEC.
by Haley Leo March 20, 2012
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A person who is obese and will soon risk major health problems. Well known as an ogre looking like because of the structure of his nose. Also known as an arrogant cunt face who thinks they’re β€œBAD”. Tramps around like an ugly elephant; doesn't know how to carry their feet when walking.
I hear you've been talked about by your friends and they still be friends with you. LOL quit acting fat & tough when you know you can't even do shit. Cut the crap, you must be an see c.
by Guess WHo LOL - your mom October 26, 2011
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