The NCAA's Southeastern collegiate football conference known for its running style plays and its Fast and Heavily physical Defense.
Frankie : Hey bro what are you doin' tonight?

Jonathan" I'm goin' down to the sports bar to watch some good ole' SEC Football.Florida and Alabama are playing for the conference Championship.

Frankie: Go Gators!

Jonathan:No,....screw the Gators,.. ROLL TIDE Alabama!

Frankie :Well at least I'm cheerin' for an SEC Football team instead of a PAC 10 Team !
by mrbiggz1985 January 23, 2010
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One of the best college football conferences ever. The SEC has 35 total national championships and the Tennessee Volunteers won the first ever BCS national championship. The SEC dominates most other conferences like the ACC, Big 10, Big 12 ect. in football. If you take a SEC powerhouse team and put it up against a good team from one of the other conferences most of the time the SEC team is going to win. Since 1990 the SEC has won 10 national championships Alabama, Aubrun, Flordia, Tennessee, LSU, Flordia, LSU, Flordia, Alabama, AUburn. The SEC is 1st in bowl apperences 367 bowls, 201 wins, 157 loses, 9 ties (,560). The top 5 teams in the SEC are Alabama,Tennessee,Georgia,LSU,and Auburn
i heard the SEC Football as added Texas A&M and Missouri just some more punching bags for the good teams in the conference
by tthatguyy November 14, 2011
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