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Also known as the Big Orange the Tennessee Volunteers are one of the top 10 best NCAA football teams ever and #2 in the SEC behind Alabama. They have 6 national championships they were the 1st ever football team to win a BCS national championship in 1998 against Flordia State. They have been SEC champions 17 times then when the SEC split into east and west they were SEC east champs 6 times. Their win lose record is 792–345–53 (.688) and their bowl record is 26-24-0. Their fight song is Rocky Top their mascot is Smokey the hound dog and their stadium is Neyland Stadium and their colors are bright orange and whiite. They dominate the SEC in wins the only teams they dont have a considerable amount of wins over is Alabama,Auburn, and Flordia ( Alabama has 10 wins over Tennessee Aubrun and Flordia have 2 wins over Tennessee
Tennessee Volunteers Football is on tonight lets go watch it
by tthatguyy November 15, 2011
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One of the best college football conferences ever. The SEC has 35 total national championships and the Tennessee Volunteers won the first ever BCS national championship. The SEC dominates most other conferences like the ACC, Big 10, Big 12 ect. in football. If you take a SEC powerhouse team and put it up against a good team from one of the other conferences most of the time the SEC team is going to win. Since 1990 the SEC has won 10 national championships Alabama, Aubrun, Flordia, Tennessee, LSU, Flordia, LSU, Flordia, Alabama, AUburn. The SEC is 1st in bowl apperences 367 bowls, 201 wins, 157 loses, 9 ties (,560). The top 5 teams in the SEC are Alabama,Tennessee,Georgia,LSU,and Auburn
i heard the SEC Football as added Texas A&M and Missouri just some more punching bags for the good teams in the conference
by tthatguyy November 15, 2011
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