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The male seagrave will not get rid of anything. They are the number one hoarders of the world. They not only keep things they do not need or use and rotate everything constantly!
Conversation items are the number one thing in there life. Everytime you see a male Seagrave he will have something to show you that always comes with a special story for that item. The worst part of this is that it usually is something that is old and probably thrown in the trash by someone else.
The Seagrave is a very materialistic male that must have the most unique items in the world. Everything is his, even if it was a gift to someone else. These males are very rare but you will recognize them by the following things...
a. Never can be alone...must have people around him constantly helping him with all of the things he needs done when he wants to do them.
b. Has to be the center of attention...the life of the party no matter what.
c. Always has a very petite female that is willing to put up with all his BS constantly and suck his dick at a moments notice.
d. Porn is the number one thing this male can not live without. Porn must be playing on the TV all the time and especially when he is demanding sex but has not taken a shower in a week!
e. When selling something of his he will always try to make 10 times more than what he paid for it 25 years ago...even though it no longer works or is broken.
f. This male can be very irratating, demanding and has even been known to stalk his prey.
"Wow, did you see the inside of that Seagrave house?"

Seagrave motto: "Just shut the fuck up and get out!"
by Dr. Justin A. Name August 02, 2010
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