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A common American alcoholic drink made from Seagrams Seven Whiskey and Seven-Up.
I need a Jack & Coke and a 7/7, pronto.
by nary dict September 25, 2005
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A sarcastic term that adults use to describe whorish looking young girls/women that have little self worth or common sense, and no taste.
A womanchild walks into a bar looking like she's ready to participate in a vivid sex production and patron #1 says to patron #2 : Get a load of christina aguilera over there.
by nary dict September 17, 2005
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Small Dick Syndrome. Having self esteem issues with your small weiner.
Common symptoms include: obtaining law enforcement careers, riding racing motorcycles, unusual unwaranted hostility (especially directed at couples), desperate fashion choices, excessive attempts of displaying "confidence", a social status of "single".
Did you see that chub on the crotch rocket? Talk about a serious case of SDS.

Our waiter is a total prick... he must have SDS.
by nary dict September 17, 2005
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She was making a hot fuss and I had to cover her mouth so the neighbors wouldn't hear.
by nary dict September 17, 2005
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A woman who can't make up her mind if she is a lesbian or not. Frequent "changing of teams", and ugly clothing are usually signs of this affliction.
My wannabe dyke neighbor dumped her "girlfriend" yesterday and now she hooked up with a dude again because he makes more money.
by nary dict October 14, 2005
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