SCP Secret Laboratory is a horror game focused on the internet creation called the SCP Foundation, the game was created in 2017 by Northwood Studios, the game 5 has playable groups which are: Class-D, Scientists, MTF, Chaos Insurgency and SCPs, Class-D and Scientists have to escape the facility to win, once a D-Class escapes they become Chaos Insurgents, however when Scientists escape they become MTF (MTF Stands for Mobile Task Force) Chaos Insurgents and MTF have guns, CI has the Logicer and the MTF depends on what kind of MTF they are, MTF Cadets have P-90s, MTF Lieutenants have E-11 SR Rifles, And the MTF Commander also have E-11 SR Rifles, SCPs are creatures or objects that have anomalous properties that can either benefit you or kill you, the SCP creatures in the game are: SCP-173 (AKA: The Statue, The Sculpture, Peanut) SCP-049 (AKA: Plague Doctor) SCP-096 (Shy Guy) SCP-106 (The Old Man, Larry, Uncle Larry, Radical Larry) SCP-939 (Dog) Now the SCP Items are SCP-018 (Ball, Super ball) SCP-207 (Cola bottles, Coca-cola, Cola) SCP-268 (The hat) and SCP-500 (The pill, The Pills, Panacea) Now for the guns: COM-15, MP-7, P-90, USP, Epsilon-11 SR Rifle, Logicer and Micro HID. Well, I'm too lazy to continue making this definition so I'm just gonna stop here.
person 1: Ayo did you play SCP Secret Laboratory yet?
person 2: Yeah, it was scary at first but then it just became an earrape simulator with creatures.
by FiftyK November 9, 2020
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A cancerous hellhole of toxic SCP fans, squeakers, and mic spammers.
But hey, some people are funny at least and its more of a social meme game than a horror game if you play it for a while.
Bro, I hear that SCP Secret Laboratory is a pretty funny game, let's play it some time!
by AtronixButAwesome September 10, 2021
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A game based on the famous website SCP Foundation. He is reputed for his incredible stability.
The principal developer is Hubert Moszka. He diriges is developpement staff : the studio staff.
SH*T. SCP: Secret Laboratory has crashed.

F*ck, SCP: Secret Laboratory has made a BSOD in my computer. HUBERT, COME HERE !
by Flo - Fan December 31, 2019
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Someone who has no social life that plays music into their mics and thinks that they're fucking hilarious. They are also extremely dumb and try really hard to be funny by constantly screaming cringy memes that died years ago. It is also rumoured that 99% of their dads left them at a young age.
Person 1: Dude, this kid was trying so hard to be friends with me by spitting out a bunch of cringy memes trying to make me laugh, but failing miserably.
Person 2: Wow, he must be a SCP Secret Laboratory Player!
by Dookie Fridge April 12, 2022
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