The chaos insurgency is a splinter group from the SCP Foundation formed in 1924 that later becomes an enemy to the foundation. They are seen in SCP Containment Breach capturing the player at Gate A. Their goal: To capture some of the SCP in the facility from them for their own benefit.
The Chaos Insurgency is coming!
by ajcanadian November 21, 2019
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The Chaos Insurgency used to be a Mobile Task Force of the SCP Foundation before breaking off and forming their own... Corporation? idk. Basically, they want to cause chaos (Hence the name!) by breaking into the SCP Foundations many sites and stealing the anomalous entities that are kept inside. They are mostly made up of escaped D-Class and Betrayers. TLDR; guys that want to destroy the SCP Foundation using their SCPS.
D-Class 2324: D-BOIS RALLY UP!!!!!!!
Chaos Insurgent: I wish I died when I was escaping.
by man of many mans August 27, 2023
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