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SAM System SA-7b Grail
The SAM System SA-7b Grail is a Russian self-propelled AA rocket system. The SA-7b Grail was introduced in 1972. It launches on a 9P54M launcher. It can carry around 4 SAM missiles. These missiles are “tail-chasers”, heat-seeking and pretty resistant to IR emissions and flare decoys. The gunner can be fitted with an IFF identifier that allows him to know whether his target is friend or foe.

Type: stationary SAM system
Weapon: 9M32M missile
Missile Range: 5500m
Missile Ceiling: 4500m
Missile Dimensions: length 1.4m; diameter 70mm
Missile Speed: 580m/s
Missile Self Destruct: 15sec
Dimensions: length 1.47m; diameter 70mm
The SA-7 is a portable anti-air missile launcher.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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