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"Speed-Blocker"... similar in intenet to "C-Blocker" as someone who rides in the fast lanes of the highway going at or below the posted speed limit and MUCH below the speed everyone else is attempting to travel in that lane. Especially aggrivating when it is obvious the driver is purposely holding up traffic.
I was flying down I-95 to get to the game, but some S-Blocker was in the left lane holding everyone up and I missed the face-off and most of the first period !!!
by Bobaloo01 November 25, 2009
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Term for a dead end street located in Middleboro, Massachusetts full of lit ass times and funny ass shit, populated with crazy ass niggas and pedophile retards, sblock is one of the finest wholesome American neighbor hoods where it's easy as shit to score cheap bud or liquor and get fucked up past recognition.
"Ayo B is passed out at the end of Sblock with 3 inches of snow on him, what the fuck was he drinking man?"
by Alcohol n juuls August 12, 2018
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