Act of ignoring a call/text message then returning call/text when party is unavailable.
"How are you going to wait until I'm in a meeting to call back? You always s dotting!"
by Gsugambit December 12, 2015
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South Academy, in south Colorado Springs,CO.The sign on South Academy reads: S. Academy, so the locals shortened the name to S Dot. Its also the name of the run down apartments in the area, where illegal substances can be purchased.
We need to head to the S dot to scoop some White Girl
by J.E.WfromI.F.C September 12, 2006
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A cummunity of people with little acceptance to noobs or stupidity. Typically not helpful/considderate to outsiders of any sort.
oldie1: <insert hot chick> is sooo hot!

SDOT_Noob: Yeah, I'd totally fhita!!

Jeh: STFU NOOB!!!!

by Phantom Cyanide Christ September 02, 2005
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SUCK DICK ON TUESDAY it’s a national holiday to suck dick on Tuesday’s
It’s Tuesday. I need to SDOT. Lemme hit up Trey, his dick is small
by Yoyoyiddity October 19, 2018
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