Selfish and Pricky. Only to be used when the person possessing these traits is in full acknowledgement of his/her selfish and pricky tendencies.
That guy is so S&P.
by capitalB August 25, 2010
Short for "Shit and Piss." Use this term when you don't want to broadcast it that you have to go to the bathroom.
I gotta go to the girls room to S&P.
by TXKimMM October 4, 2006
The standard array of questions to be asked of a guy when he tells he has a new female friend.

Is she Hot?

Is she Single?

Did you get in her Pants yet?
Guy 1: It's a really cute girl in my journalism class.

Guy 2: H/S/P?

Guy 1: Huh?

Guy 2: Is that a no?
by Gabe Q February 3, 2011
Stupid furry that won't bathe.
WOAH! Did Hannah S. P. get out?!

by Hannah S. P. October 17, 2019
No this is not your granddad's s&p 500! In this case it stands for the shit and piss 500
And usually applies to any job where the primary function is to clean up. A lot of pee and poo! Rest homes and hospitals come to mind here.
Nurse 1 clocking in for 2nd shift at "throwing shade ass tits tits living": "how was it today?"nurse 2:"oh it's been the s&p 500 every since I clocked in at 6:00 this morning!"
by 4realazitgits March 19, 2021
When someone who is S&P (see definition... I am too S&P to define it again) makes a conscious effort to be more pleasant. This is usually caused by a guilty conscience, and is temporary and fleeting.
Last week he was S&P Lite, but now he's right back to being S&P.
by CapitalB December 22, 2010
A fucktard who likes to put spaces in between every letter in a word.
"M y n a m e i s s p a s m a n d I ' m a f u c k i n g m o r o n"
by Cunt McBag December 31, 2004