The S Cubed or S to the third power is when a female provides oral sex to a man. It stands for suckity suck suck. This phrase can be utilized when sensitive parties are around in order to ask if a male received the crucial suck. Every male prays every night that his homies will receive the S Cubed.
Nick: "What's good bro? How'd the date with Priscilla go?"
Big R: "It was chill man. Nothing really wild."
Nick: "Well did you get the S Cubed?!"
Big R: "C'mon man. You're asking a space entity if I got the crucial suck? Of course, I did!"
Nick: "That's what's up bro!"
by the praying mantis69 March 11, 2022
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Or S^3 ... S to the power of three. A short list of priorities to be completed before all else. Shit, Shower, and Shave.
I just drove 14 hours straight, first things first, S-Cubed.
by Dr. Combs March 22, 2004
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Shit Sack Slapped. Otherwise known as being hit somewhere on your person, by a bag, filled with fecal matter.
"you just got s-cubed bitch!"
by newshoesarered March 6, 2007
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1. To have sex with someone of a different race

2. To have sex with multiple people of different races

3. To have sex with multiple people of different races at the same time (orgy)
1. _I dont get it

__Its cuz of the multiple colors on the rubik`s cube


2. I want to commit rubik`s cube sex to you, Shaniqua, Ching, and Larry

3. *An Explanation of the Definition of Rubik`s Cube Sex For Dummies*
There is a yellow side of the rubik`s cube. That= asian
There is a white side of the rubik`s cube. That= white people
There is black under the rubik`s cube`s stickers. That= black people
There is a red side of the rubik`s cube. That= Indian people
by blu3hat + S1appy December 17, 2010
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I'm gonna S Cube it before we go out.
by cindykay October 23, 2008
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