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The ass hole, but picture it as being wide open and as black as a whale's eye.
1) Dood, you stink. Maybe you need to go wash up that whale eye!
2) I've been working so hard, even my whale eye is sweating.
3) Check that stripper's whale eye, it just winked at me!
by Dr. Combs March 22, 2004
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Or S^3 ... S to the power of three. A short list of priorities to be completed before all else. Shit, Shower, and Shave.
I just drove 14 hours straight, first things first, S-Cubed.
by Dr. Combs March 22, 2004
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An individual who has crossed certain social boundaries, i.e. "the line". Typically this individual is a "habitual line stepper", or one who fails to recognize standard social norms and mores dictating proper behavior in public and in matters of social interaction.
Rick James is THE habitual line stepper. A man should never slap another man. And if he does, he should be looking to get his ass kicked.
by Dr. Combs May 4, 2004
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Popularized by a Dave Chappelle impersonation of the 80's superfreak, Rick James. "Milk's gone bad" is in reference to the sight of a pair of less than favorable mammary glands.
I'm Rick James, bitch! Lemme see them tittays! ... (grimace) If I had four hands, I'd give those tittays four thumbs down, the milk's gone bad, bitches!
by Dr. Combs April 14, 2004
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