A terrible priest who helps leads raids for his guild "Iniquitous". He is really bad at what he does and lets tanks die almost every 5 minutes. commonly referred to as Fidel Castro on the Gorgonnash realm forums
"Issues with the GM, he's pretty much like Fidel Castro (dictation)"

"Shut up Fidel"

"Your a bad priest"

"Ryzza stop being a dictator and start healing"

by ryzza shall not know July 14, 2008
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A good and funny. Has always a family problem. Kinda shy at first when you met them for the first time, but they're really funny when you become comfortable with each other. Doesn't have enough confidence. Needed a friend to cheer them up and gave them some confidence and comfort. Very kind. Has a good sense of humor. Doesn't like being discriminate. Ride your jokes all the time. Very interesting. Can listen to you and is good at giving advice. Wise at words. Sometimes careless. Loved by people. Has insecurities but bold in some ways. Will always help you. And lastly, you should be very lucky to have someone like them.

ps. not sure if this is accurate but this is what i observed from my friend.
"Ryzza, she's really nice actually."
by merakisus June 7, 2021
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