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An amazing girl. Usually country, always amazing! Some rylei's are short and some are tall, but most are medium sized. They are brunette, sometimes blonde. They are beautiful and usually have brown or green eyes. They love being outside and have a way with animals. They are not fake. Rylei's are very intelligent, and gorgeous. They are usually not the most popular, but they do have more friends than most. If you ever get a rylei, hold on to her and never let her go!
Boy1: did you see rylei?

Boy2:ya she's Hott
by Baby1244 December 25, 2013
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the most beautiful smartest girl you've ever met!
dude did you see rylei in math class today?!

yeah dude shes fuckin hott!
by tony ******* April 07, 2009
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Ry'lei is a depressed girl but she is also the most beautiful girl u will ever met yeah she might be mean some times that's only because she's been threw a lot but don't forget Ry'Lei your still a bad bitch lmao and if u get a Ry'Lei take care of her and keep her she might be your true love but Ry'Lei always needs someone in her life and she also always needs somebody to talk to when shes down she also needs your help with self harm and other thing but the main idea is Ry'Lei's in important if u met one hold on to her.
Name: Cool :yo i met this girl she a bad bitch i wanna make her mine Brady : She must be a Ry'Lei
by October 07, 2020
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