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The ship name given to brendon urie and Ryan Ross to commemorate their love. Everyone knows ryden is real but the government tries to deny it.
Crankthatfrank believes that ryden is real.
by Kattherydenshipper June 15, 2017
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The ship name given to ryan ross and brendon urie of panic! at the disco. They were in a relationship from 2005-2009. It is believed that Ryden broke up so ryan left the band. They both deny the relationship but we all know they were.
Ryden is real and the goverment knows it.
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by pizzalover27 July 05, 2017
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the linking of the two panic! at the disco members Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie. As some people seem to think that the two are an item.
OMG! Ryden. I love when Ryro and Bden hold hands.
by Bob Magnifico August 10, 2006
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The relationship between Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross of Panic At The Disco. They are both incredibly hot.
They are adorable together.

Nuff Said.
(real quote)

Brendon: I'm gonna get undressed, is that cool?

Ryan: (wide eyes paired with the most adorable look ever)

Fans <3 Ryden!
by PATDLOVERSSSS August 15, 2009
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Loves Alex, gay, plays league, hates himself, won't die when mac shoots up school, many other things I Don't know about him, and he is very very hot, no wonder why Alex is double dating.
There is Ryden being gay again, but he is soo hot
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by Thicolas January 15, 2018
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