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1. A thug who made it big, either by rappin or slangin
2. The driver in all car related activities such as drive byes or drug deals
3. A gang member or well known thug who rides around in a convertible lowrider and listens to loud gangsta rap.
1. "Man, ever since Kronic made it big, he one cool ryda"
2. "Ah yo man who gonna be ryda when we hit up them 88?"
3. "Look at him riding in that charger, what a ryda!"
by Killa Kronic June 09, 2009
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A failed white trash rapper, often from a broken (mobile) home, that aspires to be a "gangster". These uneducated and unemployed fools leech off society and seek safety in numbers. Also known as "Juggalos", these inferior residents of the gene pool idolize two middle in clown makeup and will eventually end up incarcerated. They can be easily identified by awful smell and "hatchetman" (which is actually a silhouette of a cartoon man running with a cleaver) tattoos and necklaces.
You ain't no "Juggalo ryda", you just a meth addicted high school dropout that run around yelling "whoop whoop" like a retard
by shady*666* May 16, 2013
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