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to penetrate so erratically that is causes a woman to momentarily lose the ability to walk or spread her legs.
"Ron: Hey Betsy, I heard you had a good time over at Archie's last night.
Betsy: Yeah, exept for the fact that I'm too sore to move. The bastard ryanized me."
by Idaho Hoe December 03, 2008
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(v) To make things overly complex and cerebral, not out of vain conceit, but just because par is less than self-satisfying. To speak words that could be simple, but somehow make them so complex that no one with a SAT score of less than 2000 can understand them. To turn a one page paper into an 8 page essay, just for the heck of it.
"Dude, stop ryanizing this project, you're making the rest of of look stupid."
"Sorry man, the requirements weren't challenging enough so I had to ryanize it a little bit."
by Heybooboo! February 09, 2010
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