What starts as a rant ends up being very short and pathetic.
"Man I hate those guys so fucking much. "
"Well they don't act politely.."
"Is that it?"
"Also they uh..yeah"
"Great runt, buddy"
by nerphed May 11, 2006
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This term, coined by Australian social commentators Louise Riley And Aaron Julius literally means to be the one LEFT OUT.
Derived from the Irish Pop group The Corr's, where one of the sisters always appeared to never have much to do in the band and had to simply look busy.
"I was at the party and everyone was talking about their mortgages - me renting, I felt like the runt corr"
by SalinaStains February 25, 2010
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The act of striking a short person in the forehead with a frying pan when they aren't expecting it,thus stunning(but not seriously injuring)them.Can only be done on shorties.
"I took my skillet to work yesterday to play stun-a-runt with the sawed-off little short folks!"
by Nun_Yer_Bizzy May 05, 2021
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A cluster of cunts in an oven roasting on a stick while rotating
I was at Jewel yesterday and I saw a runt and I bought a cunt.
by Gordono October 15, 2004
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A person of marginal intelligence who enjoys partaking in the exploration of upward concavities. Contrary to popular belief, runt muffins are usually obese, despite their limited diet of female genitalia.
Schmandie is such a runt muffin, did you see the way she looked at the cashier's nether regions?
by ritalinaddict September 23, 2009
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An unborn child still in the womb. Specifically used in a derogatory manner when denouncing being the father of the child.
That bitch is crazy! I don't care how many times she said we fucked! That cunt runt is not mine!
by NerdPope December 10, 2007
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1. A man who does not need to bend over to suck dick.
2. A gay midget
"that fucking grundle runt ran between my legs"
grundle runt
by Rhodotracker November 29, 2014
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