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Runny eggs is when you're fucking a diseased prostitute from behind, and just before you cum you pop all the herpes sores and syphillitic lesions on her back, gathering the pus and runoff into the middle. You then shoot your load into the mess, and Voila! Runny eggs! Bonus if you gather it all into a frying pan, cook it up, then make her eat it. Double bonus: if you were drilling her in the shitter and part of your culinary masterpiece includes random feces castoff aka bacon bits.
"Oh, man, I picked up this nasty hooker the other night? I gave her a colon cleansing then fed her runny eggs with bacon bits for breakfast."
by Dirty B. October 05, 2006
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used by latin moms to beat their child's ass
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when a man ejaculates onto a skillet, or other hot cooking surface, and sears his semen on Medium High to High for anywhere from 2-4 minutes, until desired consistency is met. Upon which the resulting, runny-egg-like substance is then fed to his partner as an entree.
Kirsten gobbled up the runny egg I cooked for her last night.
by MyDogSkip August 02, 2010
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Where a man cracks an egg and pors the yolk down a Womens Vag, He then sticks his finger in her and Sters and swishes it around as fast as he can until the women is moaning very loud and squirts in the egg mixture. Then he will proceed to take a straw and drink it out of her while sticking his finger up her ass.
Yo i gave my girl a Runny Egg, last night it was fun.
by chaseisab*tch February 18, 2021
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