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Your best friend, more specifically a best friend with whom you can spend the entire day.
I always see you and Jon together, he is definitely your running buddy.
by bhammer85 February 02, 2011
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A fuck buddy that you may consider a future relationship with in another time and place. Usually someone you have to keep secret because they're: ugly or stupid, or, you're: related or in the closet...or any amount of equally embarassing reasons
"I saw you making out with your cousin last night"
"Dude, we're not blood, just running buddies"
"Headed down South together I presume?"
by Alabama sounds good November 19, 2007
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A boy cross country member selected by a girl member to be her buddy and go on fun outings together or in groups of other "coupled" running buddies

also the girl running buddy may do whatever she likes to the boy, as long as its not mean. i.e. grabbing their moobs, hugging them, giving them sex hair, or just playing around with them. no hurting them.

also meant to help each other at meets such as holding water and other items for each other. and just generally being helpful
girl "I pick you to be my running buddy!"
boy "okay"
girl "lets go out to eat or something with the other running buddies sometime"
by Gudule#4 September 24, 2009
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