The improper form of 'ran,' meaning something along the lines of dominated, wrecked, crushed. Originates from the popular card game Spades, where a team "runs the table" if, through superior play, they do not relinquish their seats for an extended period of time.
Bruce: Did you watch the Astros game last night?
Ramone: Yeah, they got runned.

Tim: Wanda was lookin fine, but then she fell down the stairs!
Jonny: Ohrly? Runned!
by * CLAN 4 LIFE * October 27, 2005
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the dreaded shit you take where you wake up in cold sweats and get butt ass naked on the toilet and pray to god, crying, for your shits to stop
dude, i had the runs this morning and almost ended my own life
by @samyoule March 09, 2019
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To hand something over; to give up a possession to a robber.
In J. Cole song 'A Tail of Two Cities' ... "Uh, nice watch, run it"
by Optimistic Edit October 27, 2015
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A phrase spammed by stream viewers in chat who were watching Siglemic attempt to beat the Super Mario 64 120 star world record. Due to the many resets, many people believed/trolled that the next attempt was the one to beat the record.

It can be applied to anyone attempting multiple times to beat a record.
*Start of a new run
*X minutes into the run "THIS IS THE RUN"
*Makes a mistake, start over
by Masked One December 26, 2011
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